A Midsummers Night Dream

Although May isn't quite "midsummer" I felt like I stepped into a dream at the beautiful wedding of my dear friends, Amanda and Nestor. Amanda's parents were so kind to open their lovely home up to host a evening full of love, laughter, and lots of dancing. As soon as I opened my car door I was hit with the wonderful fragrances escaping from their garden, every bush and tree was in full bloom and made the most delicate, bewitching backdrop as the night unfolded.

One of my favorite parts about the day was getting to hear all the stories about each piece involved. For instance, one of the flower girls dresses was actually worn by Amanda in a family friends wedding who was also part of her wedding day! Every detail was so meaningful and thoughtful I could gush on about it for hours! As we moved into night we all were dazzled by the parent dances and of course the newly weds first dance as husband and wife. Everyone was in awe of their grace and precision and were left asking for an encore! Side note- did you know you can rent a dance floor that installs over your pool?! I had no idea and was totally blown away by this AMAZING, space utilizing, focal point! I highly suggest it for anyone having a backyard event! I can't wait to continue working on this collection and reflecting on all the wonderful memories made!